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Monday, April 6, 2015


  1. Hi Huru, do you know that you can redeem AirAsiaBIG points during zero/low fare sales (Quarterly), and Final Call (every 1st week monthly)? In that way your BIG points' value will definitely be more than RM0.01. I just used 25,000 BIG points to redeem 4 pax returned flights from Kuala Lumpur - Phuket (RM63 per pax). Normal fare will cost me around RM360 returned ticket per pax. So the value is 5 times more... for you to consider.

  2. I just love to read your post although I am not reading it carefully one by one (since many of conversion points does not relates to me).

    But what I can say is that I change my spending habits because of I am in need of a free flight for my holiday. Thus I did several things include:
    1. Apply Citibank Air Asia credit card
    2. Spend more and more in Paradigm Mall (the points for BIG points is double on weekdays).
    3. Buy every promo Air Asia has for getting tons of BIG points such as "RocketMiles"

    Now I am proud to say, I have 30,000 BIG points within a year 2015 and I am really happy to see your post because there are people like me in this world (my friends are not so keen in collecting points and some do not have credit cards). :)

  3. Hello, found your blog thru Google. I am a comper person and have won quite a bit including free trip to Europe, but unfortunately I have only just properly realized the benefits that credit cards can offer. Previously I only thought that those credit card points can be used to redeem kitchen appliances etc, but I did not consider so much about its capability to convert to Enrich Miles (or Air Asia BIG points). I have just started with doing my research to get the max of the value, some of which I plan to do are:

    1. Apply for Maybank Islamic Visa Infinite - done
    2. Wait until I get Visa Infinite to do some big purchases (I paid for my home booking fee, purposely wait for the card)
    3. I plan to insist using my credit card to pay business ticket fares as I calculated it to have higher returns than my corporate credit card
    4. Fully maximise Maybank Islamic PETRONAS card by pumping more during weekends - previously I tak kisah sangat pun even though I do use credit cards for petrol
    5. Convert my Petron Miles to Enrich

    In my opinion, better to convert credit card points to Enrich Miles instead of BIG points. BIG points coz Air Asia is cheap, better just pay cash.

    Anyway, glad to find this article. Feel free to view my travel posts in my blog.